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Sweet Girl Farms has become a Reedley trademark with tremendous support from its local community. We attribute our success much to the great customer service and the undoubtedly fresh produce. 

Liset has dedicated her farming trajectory to no-till, regenerative, organic farming practices. What does this mean? It's the mission of our farm to produce nutritious fruits, herbs and vegetables by prioritizing soil health while not bringing in any synthetic chemicals.

All annual vegetables, flowers, herbs and legumes are hand sowed! Liset follows and is a true believer of rudimentary farming practices. There's no use of tractors, tillers for all veggies, flowers and legumes. Fruits are produced in a larger quantity where the use of tractors is the best option to keep up with demand. Nonetheless, our goal is to take care of Mother Earth to bring our community nutritional farm fresh produce!

Also, we value our precious WATER!!! For us, it's no joke to go without water. Therefore, we are constantly rotating crops and continuously refining what we grow. Liset continues to learn and make informed decisions of what crops resist our Valley heat/ droughts. We hope that you value our continuous efforts and bare with us the challenges of growing in our Central Valley.

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