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Founder, Operator & Farmer at Sweet Girl Farms

Everyone asks...who is Liset? and how did she start her farming business? 

Liset has always been an entrepreneur focusing on selling produce since the age of 8 months old. Her origins started in Los Angles with her parents selling produce out of  rundown pickup trucks on sidewalks, flea markets and swapmeets. Over the years, her and her family acquired their beloved farm in Reedley, CA where they've permanently settled. Liset continues selling farm fresh produce grown by her and her parents at her farm stand known as "Sweet Girl Farms".

Liset holds her Master of Public Health from the University of Southern California ✌️. She attended the University of California, Merced 🐯 for her Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology with a minor in Psychology. Additionally, she completed Reedley College's Healthcare Interpreter Certificate program & continues to pursue online courses in the  Human Biology arena as a hobby. 

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