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Orange Blossom Honey/Miel de Flor de Naranja

Orange Blossom Honey/Miel de Flor de Naranja

Our Orange Blossom Honey, or Miel de Flor de Naranja, is a true delicacy for honey enthusiasts. This honey boasts a light and refreshing flavor profile, with subtle hints of orange blossom that create a fragrant and delicious taste. It is incredibly sweet, making it perfect for drizzling over desserts or adding a natural sweetness to your tea or coffee. Our Orange Blossom Honey is a must-try for anyone looking for a new and unique honey experience. Order yours today and savor the sweet taste of nature's bounty.

    Available in 4 sizes

    • mini (1.5 oz)
    • Small (8oz.)
    • Medium (16oz.)
    • Large (32 oz.)

    All sales are final. 

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