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Car Bouquet

Car Bouquet

SKU: Car Bouquet

Introducing our exclusive Car Bouquets—innovative and functional creations crafted with care from a selection of long-lasting florals including celosia, statice, matricaria, and eucalyptus. These charming bouquets add a touch of color, texture, and natural fragrance to your vehicle's interior.


Each bouquet is meticulously designed to be everlasting, ensuring enduring beauty for your car. Treated with a UV-cured protectant sealant, these flowers retain their vibrant hues without fading, promising sustained elegance for your travels. Handle with care to preserve their delicate beauty.


Enhancing your driving experience, our car bouquets offer more than just aesthetics. Discreetly housing customizable scent pads, they infuse your car with a fragrance of your choice—tailored for relaxation, energy, or focus. The rechargeable scent pads ensure a lasting aromatic journey.


While customization isn't available due to the seasonal nature of our farm's flowers, each bouquet arrives elegantly packaged in a ready-to-gift box, making it a perfect present for loved ones or a delightful treat for yourself.

Transform your daily commute into a sensorial delight with our Car Bouquets—where functionality meets floral elegance.



    Each car bouquet includes: 

    • 1  mini flower bouquet
    • Sweet Girl Farms Sticker
    • magnet to display floral on frudge
    • car vent clip (with rose scented air freshner pad)
    • extra refillable aiir freshner pad
    • packaged in a ready-to-gift box 
    • flowers have been cured with a UV protectant seal 

    All sales are final.

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