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Buckwheat Honey/Miel de Flor de Trigo

Buckwheat Honey/Miel de Flor de Trigo

Our Buckwheat Honey, also known as Miel de Flor de Trigo, is a premium honey with a bold and robust flavor. It has a deep taste with rich malty and molasses-like undertones that make it perfect for baking, cooking, and adding to your favorite teas and beverages. Our honey is 100% natural, raw, and unfiltered, preserving all the nutrients and benefits that come from the bees' hard work. Experience the unique taste of Buckwheat Honey and indulge in its many health benefits.

    Available in 4 sizes

    • mini (1.5 oz)
    • Small (8oz.)
    • Medium (16oz.)
    • Large (32 oz.)

    All sales are final. 

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